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  1. Castro is not alone in placing at least some blame on rs07 gold Trump. El Paso residents, officials and other presidential candidates including El Paso native Beto O'Rourke have said the president's words have inflamed hatred and incited violence. A survey taken after the shootings found that more than two thirds of Americans polled said racism and white nationalism play a role in mass shootings, and a majority of Democrats also placed blame on the president..
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  5. Sheez, Eric, I don't think that is self centered and yes, on occasion I actually inspire myself. It doesn't happen that often because I am never totally satisfied with my writing, but it has happened on rare moments. I wrote a series of short stories many moons ago about a magical little girl named Hope, and I got goose bumps while writing about her.
  7. Not any replacement quarterback. This one was wearing a green and white 15 jersey. This one had the eyes of Paul Brown Stadium and New York and beyond fixed unblinkingly on him. A British Bulldog, that had a hip injury and lameness, had "heavily diseased elbows and was walking in an abnormal fashion". This pet and another bulldog also had a eye condition, which meant there was no tear production. A tortoise was "unwell to the extent that it died".
  9. Does not allow the export of one of its most valuable and plentiful natural resources but in the case of crude oil, it true. House of Representatives may vote on just that. But why is there a ban in the first place?. You double over in pain and holler a few choice expletives. Is this rewarding to Betty? Yes you have lowered your face closer to her, and she has your attention. Dogs are like children both prefer negative attention to no attention at all.
  11. The survey was conducted pre Black Friday, and more than half of the respondents said they planned to shop from work either the Friday after Thanksgiving or Cyber Monday. Did they? Well, Internet sales were up 36 percent on Black Friday and 30 percent on Cyber Monday. On Monday the biggest Internet shopping day ever, according toReuters suggesting if people were shopping, they were doing it on company time..
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