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  1. Video game website Kotaku recently explained the motivation wow classic gold cheap behind superlong Twitch streams: streaming has been a sort of long standing fad among the Twitch community. Twitch titans like Sodapoppin and ManVsGame regularly game for a day straight, pausing only to eat, use the bathroom, stretch and respond to their chat. Hitting every time zone is an effective strategy for building your audience, which can lead to more donations. 2013, the average American gamer played just over 6 hours a week, a Nielsen report found. It is not unheard of for some Twitch streamers to play for double or triple that time in a single day. Others aimed for even longer. In 2014, for instance, Neal Erickson attempted to stream on Twitch for 120 hours straight. He fell asleep in his computer chair a few minutes short of the 90 hour mark.
  3. Additionally, the college offers community education courses throughout the year for anyone interested in sharpening their cooking skills. To date, participants have taken part in courses in yeast breads and pizza making, cheese education and tasting, pasta making, souffls, and French sauces. A list of future courses can be found at this link.
  5. Eva shares her own discovery of the power to forgive so that others may see the possibility to heal themselves through forgiveness. Forgiveness provides a way for people to free themselves from hurt, anger, and hatred, from the pain of victimhood. If people find peace with themselves, the world may also find peace. Recipient of the 2017 Sachem award, Eva's message of healing reaches around the globe and across social, economic, cultural boundaries.
  7. The loonie looks likely to limp into the New Year below 74 cents and some experts are warning Canadians they have to get used to a weaker dollar after a year that saw almost nothing but bad news for Canada currency. Federal Reserve sounded a less dovish than expected note during its latest rate hike announcement.
  9. On the inside the iPhone and Plus models are the same with Apples proprietary A8, speeds are greatly increased over the iPhone 5. The Samsungs both have quad core SnapDragon processors running at higher clock speeds than the iPhone but both the iPhone and Plus models score significantly higher than the Samsung phones in benchmarks.
  11. Derbyshire is bursting with people doing good and exciting things and here is where we shout about it! From school pupils raising money or going on an adventure of a lifetime to community groups and charities helping others in the most weird and wonderful ways, it's all here on our Your Good News page. We celebrate achievements great and small. Weight loss success stories, sporting triumphs and personal victories, Your Good News sings it from the rooftops.
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